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Wedding Wishes 

There are more ways than one on how you can extend your wedding wishes to the newly wed couple. One of the more popular ways to express your wedding wishes is during your wedding speech or toast during the wedding reception. Here, you can say your best wishes for both the groom and bride. You can also go creative and have your wedding wishes taped by a camera or the videographer of the wedding. You can do this on your own or you can invite your group of friends to create a simple video with your best wedding wishes sent out to the couple.

You can also use simple ways to extend your wedding wishes. You can write down your thoughts down on a piece of nice stationary or a simple card and put it on a wishing well or a wedding card box if they have one. You can also find time to purchase wedding cards and write down your simple wedding wishes on them too. If you are to sign in the wedding guest book, you can also jot down your wedding wishes there. Some couples would also have a photo signature mat where attendants sign in, you can include you wedding wishes here too.

Your wedding wishes are important to the couples. You should take time to think about what you would say during your wedding toast or what you should write about on your card. It is important to say what's in heart and communicate your sentiments. You can always go creative and add in some famous quotes, verses, and even short poems that would spice up your wedding wish. Love and romantic quotes are best used for wedding wishes. Some sayings and bible verses would also be great.

 It is also important to say something that comes from your heart and create wedding wishes with your own thoughts. There are a number of things that you can include on your wedding wishes. You can give out a message with some words of wisdom and future advice. This would be great idea, especially if you are older than the couple. You can also say something romantic. If you are really close to the bride and groom, you can even convey your wedding wishes in a humorous and comic way.

Wedding wishes should be done with a heart warming tone. It should also contain positive thoughts that would encourage the newly wed couple to look forward to their marriage in excitement and total happiness.



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