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Wedding Messages, Wedding Sayings , Wedding Words

Adding a message to a wedding card can make a bride and groom’s day that little more perfect.  There are hundreds and thousands of different messages to choose, but whether it’s before or after the wedding, the below messages should help you think of something to place in your card.
Few wedding messages examples are below. Short, sweet and simple - A short message can say just as much as a thousand words.
  • Poem’s and verses – The most popular wedding rhyme is without a doubt “something old, something new…”
  • and when broken down and thought about, it’s a fantastic message to enter into any wedding card.                                                              


To the Couple

1. You are tying the knot?? Congratulations!

2. After years of being together finally you are tying the knot! I am happy for both of you. Congratulations…

3. Congratulations! Can’t wait to be there at your wedding…

4. When is the wedding date? Don’t forget to invite me…by the way, CONGRATULATIONS!

5. A toast to the loveliest couple on the planet earth. Congratulations!

To the bride

1. A bouquet of flowers to the most beautiful bride. Congratulations!

2. Congratulations to the most happiest, luckiest and wackiest bride. Have fun on your wedding day!

3. Don’t forget the handcuffs girl. Congrats on your wedding!

4. Goodbye to sexy outfits and hello to mom’s jeans… Congrats on your wedding.

5. Say goodbye on your past and hello for your tomorrow. Congrats girlfriend.

To the Groom

1. Congrats on tying the knot! Don’t forget to untie it afterwards.J

2. Congrats, you are tying the knot… Good luck man!

3. 1 + 1 = 2 become 1, Congrats!

4. Congrats! You are now going to be imprisoned for love for a lifetime.

5. No more girls, no more beers, no more nightlife, no more fun and socializing. It’s all because you are tying the knot! Congrats, man!

- --Just Married---

1. The journey has just begun. The road ahead might be uncertain, but one thing is for sure… married life will be full of love and laughter after all.

2. Welcome to the journey called married life, fasten your seatbelt and have a fun joy ride ahead…

3. Best wishes to the Newly Weds! Whewhooo!

4. Let the melody of love guide you all the way through your married life. Best wishes…

5. Newly Weds… Wishing you both a happy married life ahead.


1. You are on a roller coaster ride of never-ending arguments, fun and love. Married Life? Go for it and have fun!

2. Cheers to the newly weds! May you be showered with lots of babies along the way.

3. A toast to the most desirable, adorable, huggable and lovable married couple on earth. In short, 2 teddy bears… enjoy and have a prosperous married life.

4. May you have plenty of plates to throw away, lots of things to argue everyday, and most especially make up with wrestling at night. Cheers to the newly weds!

5. To the newly weds… welcome to the world of stress, financial problems, babies, and never ending arguments out of small things… wishing you a life full of happiness and a long-lasting bond to let you survive…LOVE


1. Who says fairytales are just for little kids and they don’t come true when the proof is right here, the two of you. Best wishes and enjoy your married life.

2. To the newly weds… may you forever shower each other with kisses, hugs and most importantly love that will last for a lifetime.

3. Birds do chirp in the morning, the wind whistles a very nice hymn… just to help me in imparting this message: May you be showered with full of love and loyalty… best wishes.

4. I never seen such a sweet newly weds like you… from the deepest part of my soul… I sincerely say, Best Wishes and be forever be showered with more blessings and love.

5. To the sweetest and lovable newly weds: Best Wishes!

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